Cullen Family Lecture Theatre

Room 1477 (formerly the New Lecture Theatre) – 180 seats

Room 1477, also known as the Cullen Family Lecture Theatre, is a 170 seat, tiered lecture theatre with built in sound system, computer, projectors and screens.  It has a podium/desktop area for presenters which contains touch-panel controls for the audio and video systems. 

These include: 

  • Built-in PC with USB ports for presentations
  • Powerpoint and other software
  • 2 computer/video projection screens
  • 2 wireless lapel microphones
  • 1 wireless handheld microphone
  • Built-in microphones for the seating area
  • Simple lighting control

The front area can be configured for a panel discussion set-up. 

You will need an orientation from one of our staff before using this room. To book an orientation contact

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